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Why SolarFind?

Curious or serious about solar to see if it makes sense for your home or business, but don't want to deal with the phone solicitors, doorknockers, pushy sale reps?

Now there’s a simpler way to go green- SolarFind. What sets us apart?- We're not a solar company but an energy advisory firm that helps you to eliminate the guess work and take the hassle out of solar shopping.

Our mission here is to help you convert sunshine into savings by giving you the transparent advice you're looking for without the use of high pressure sale tactics; while navigating you through muddy waters to ensure your interests are well protected. No project is too small, from a house to a large scale industrial warehouse, we have access to all the top notch programs and offerings from a variety of reputable solar companies.

So why shop companies and deal with numerous in home visits by sale reps only to leave you confused and frustrated. Avoid costly mistakes, and get a free personalized energy analysis right the first time. For larger groups, sign up for our popular educational seminars and company lunch & learns.

Still in doubt? Don't take our word for it. Check out our testimonials and Facebook page.


"Was interested in getting solar, but didn't want to deal with the hassle or all the nightmares I heard about online. Then my boss referred me over to SolarFind. They really made it a no brainer hassle free experience. They do all the dirty work to make sure all your interests are protected. It's like having an angel by your side. Go with SolarFind and you'll also be in good hands." Tammi S.
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"I went through a handful of sale reps and was getting the run around, each claiming to be offer ing the best deal. Didn't know who to trust or if they were actually looking out for me. Then a friend told me about SolarFind. Should have called them first. It was a painless process. They first educated me on all the programs and were transparent on all the pros and cons, unlike a sales rep where you only hear the pros- there was no pressure. So do yourself a favor and save yourself the time and the frustration. You'll be glad you did. " Felicia D.
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"Had many doorknockers come by and numerous phone calls. I was open to the idea of solar but didn't know where to start and who to call up first. That's when a colleague of mine warned me not to go through all that legwork. He advised me to call SolarFind and let them deal with it. I felt like I was back in High School again, someone sharing with me all their test answers. Now I tell all my colleagues at work to make sure they call up SolarFind first." Gabriel S.
"If you're shopping around for solar and burning through countless hours of research, then you're wasting your time. I called up SolarFind, they summed it all up within 15 minutes of what's out there in the market and what to expect. They're like the travel agent of the solar industry. They handle everything on your behalf from A-Z. You just sit back and use your saved time for better things. " Barbara O.
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"Being an elderly everyone is trying to pull a fast one. Then a friend referred me over to SolarFind. They have access to this great No Cost Solar Program that we signed up for. They make it so simple and too easy. Experience the difference going through them for yourself." The Byrnes
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"I had signed up with another company offering me 12 panels and said would handle all my needs and dragged the job for months with no results. The other company misled me and said that's all that can fit on my tricky roof. Then I was referred over to SolarFind from my neighbor. When the advisor came down they told me the other company was way off on their analysis. So I gave them a shot. They were able to engineer 18 panels to fit which is what I actually needed to wipe out my utility. Now I'm up and running with no regrets and they saved me from a potential nightmare. With SolarFind, rest assure, you'll get a true analysis right the first time." Linda E.
Mary Kay Consultant
"I was looking into solar, but waited to see who my neighbor went with. He's the research dude of the block. Whoever he goes with, we follow his lead. He had been shopping around for solar for the past 4 months, only to be left confused. He was ready to throw in the towel and sign up with a company just to get it over with. Then he was referred over to SolarFind. He decided to give them a shot and see what they're all about. Next thing you know he ended up using their free personalized service to help him go solar. They connected him with a solar company to do the job right without the hassle. I still waited for his job to wrap up to see how it pans out. Soon as he was up and running, I grabbed the number to SolarFind from him. I felt bad for him, he spent 4 months and I swooped right in and got the same deal as he did. Now in my community- the SolarFind business card gets passed around." Adam P.
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"We were shopping around for solar and found out there are many great companies out there but the sales rep that pitched us were questionable. Some didn't know the technical questions I've asked or even who to trust on sizing my system as I didn't want to get stuck with a solar and high Edison bill. Seemed like these high commissioned reps were looking out for their own benefit and not mine. All came up with different system sizes. So I found myself piecing information from online and the 4 reps that I had come out, left me even more confused and frustrated. Felt like I was back to square one. Then I thought the idea of post-poning the idea of solar. A year later I decided to jump back in to the research grind again, after seeing my Edison bills skyrocketing. Lucky enough I was introduced to SolarFind. What a night and day experience dealing with them. They made it so stupid simple and guided me through the whole solar process. I would recommend getting an initial analysis done right the first time." Harinder S.
"We liked the thought of going solar but my husband and I have a hectic work schedule and don't have time to shop around. Then a friend referred me over to SolarFind. They presented us with all the best offerings and programs out available in the market. All we had to do was choose a program that fit our needs and they handled the rest. Next thing you know they came down to turn on the system and made sure the system was up and running smooth. Best decision ever going with SolarFind." Sudha B.
"I was referred over to SolarFind from a friend of mine. I usually have my friend do all the leg work and I come behind to grab who he used to make my life easier. I never question his pick and trust his judgement. Whoever he goes with, I know lots of research went into it. Glad I followed his lead and now we're both laughing our way to the bank after going solar. " The Burtrons
"Don't bother calling SolarFind if you're the type looking for a cut corner- cheapest in town Chuck in a Truck solution. They lay the law of the land right off the gates on their first visit on what they don't do. Also they just don't take on every client. Their very choosy. So if you're shopping around and treat them as another solar company giving you a bid. They're not interested in being part of the mix. They prefer you do your shopping first and then call them up for comparison. They actively pursue a competitive offering for you and they know and are aware of cheaper pricing out in the market but their motto is not to compromise quality as their reputation is on the line. They want to make sure they can deliver what they say. Their goal is to deliver a high quality system and workmanship at a fair offering. I actually had a bid from a reputable company and SolarFind was able to offer and find a better deal when comparing apples to apples. The vibe I got after dealing with my advisor, he exhausted all efforts to make sure I was taken care of and that he delivered the best value based on current market conditions. That's the white glove experience you'll only get from SolarFind." Michael D.
"I came across SolarFind who's part of many networking groups out there. I hesitated at first but members from our group had highly recommended going solar through them. It's amazing how they don't advertise, it's all word of mouth. Now after going solar I can see why. It's been a year with no complaints or any issues on my end." Ofelia P.
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"We heard of SolarFind through our boss. He used their services and went green over a year ago. He made sure if we were ready for solar to call them first. Thank god we took his advice. You literally don't do anything. I thought we would have to jump through hoops and would take up our time. Now I rant and rave to my co-workers about them. Give them a call first, even if you're just curious about solar." Jennifer and Omar
"Just the idea of looking into solar was a daunting task. Months worth of research and getting numerous bids, I was afraid to pull the trigger so to avoid any costly mistakes. Every solar company that came to pitch, claimed to be the best. So after due diligence I ended up making a firm commitment with a company that came highly recommended. After a week I was referred over to SolarFind but I was done with my solar shopping and didn't want to dive back into that mess again. For some reason I decided to call up SolarFind. The advisor came down and was different from any other sale rep that I was dealing with. He really knew his pk and told me how his company is an advisory firm looking out to protect the client's interest. The advisor did his own analysis and validated the company I was going with was the right choice. But to my amazement his offering was surprisingly less for what I was being quoted for the system size and same company. The advisor said SolarFind can offer a better pricepoint offering than a high commissioned sales rep. I thought surely going through the company direct would get me a better deal. He proved me wrong and now I've been up and running for 6 months." Jean R.
"I was one of those guys just kept on shopping around and collecting bids. All the bids varied some said I needed 18 panels, some said 24 panels, and some said 16 panels. I just didn't get it they all had the same 12 month usage to base the system size out of. I was worried if I fell short or went way over production. Heard nightmares from previous solarized homeowners who made costly mistakes. They were under sized and stuck with a huge Edison bill at the end of the year. So I was really paranoid about making the wrong move. Then I was referred over to SolarFind. Finally someone with brains came in told me exactly what system size I needed based on my overall future needs. It's been over a year and it's the other way around, Edison owe's me. My advice to homeowners would be to first make sure you house is sized accurately and then find out who has the best program and offering, or you can call SolarFind and let them handle it. Hec, it's a free personalized service, why not?" Donald R.
"Being in sales I can sniff out the bull. SolarFind is transparent as you can get. They let the numbers do the talking where you sell yourself. Also they're not the type to run after you when they give you a personalized energy analysis. Usually after a pitch, sales guys keep hounding you to sign up. You literally have to perform an exorcism to get rid of those guys. That's what I liked about SolarFind. Not pushy at all and they actually give you room to breathe and think about it." John A.
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